Dance Set Notes

Dance notes for every practice so you can refer back to your favorites or see the moves written down to help you understand the patterns.

Isenfir Dance booklet

Latest version Isenfir Dance Book 5.2.1 Recommended printing - double sided, flip on short side. Last update October 19, 2019

Release notes:
5.0.0. Fifth Edition is a major digital format upgrade. Dances added Contentezza d’Amore, Oringe, Grene Gynger.
5.0.1 adds another Oringe interpretation, clarifies Lo Spagnletto, and adds Contrapasso en Due.
5.0.2 adds New Bo Peep, Petit Rose, New Yer, Rawty, and updates Grene Gynger.
5.0.3 adds Bizzaria d’Amore, Strozzino. 5.0.4 adds Armynn and Roye.
5.0.5 adds Spero, Night Peece, Cuckolds all a row, Tesara.
5.1.0 updates title page / Toc. Adds Come Get Your Mountain, L’Angelosa, Giove, Leoncello (1517), Argeers, fixes Armyn & Petite Rose.
5.2.0 increases font and moves TOC inside. Dances added Chirintana, Hit & Misse, Villanella, Voltate in ca Rosina
5.2.1 Adds Confesse and Faine If I would

The Isenfir Dance booklet has the dances that we regularly do in Isenfir. Lord Bryan Morgan (David O) originally created the dance booklet and it is now being updated by Lady Nicolosa d'Isenfir (Kendra S).

Practice Dance and Ball notes

Isenfir Dance Practice July 18th, 2017
Isenfir Dance Practice August 1st, 2017
Booklet for 2017 War of the Wings (print double sided, flip on short side)
Isenfir Dance Practice October 17th, 2017

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