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Shire Policies and Forms

Shire Financial Policy - Updated February 2022

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Shire Officers

The following are the officers and deputies of the Shire of Isenfir. Modern names are shown in bold, and SCA names in parenthesis next to the modern name. Feel free to contact these people for information relating to their area, but please don't call after 9:00 PM.


David Oxford (Bryan Morgan)
1850 Browns Gap Tpke
Charlottesville, VA 22901
(434)823-2336 (home)
(434)996-9131 (cell)
david AT


Morgan Shrewsbury (Morgan of the Burial Shrew)
IsenfirWelcome At


Kendra Schmid (Nicolosa d'Isenfir)
knschmid AT gmail DOT com

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Sarah Zmick
szmick AT gmail DOT com

Archery Marshal

Garth Groff (Mungo Napier, Archer of Mallard Lodge)
Mallard Lodge
1713 Essex Road
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Archery Marshal & Knight Marshal

Jenn Beard (Costanca)
costanca AT gmail

Web Minister

Alex Oxford (Alex Morgan)
alex AT

Deputy Web Minister

Kendra Schmid (Nicolosa d'Isenfir)
knschmid AT