Isenfir Reference Library

This is a list of books either owned by or avaiable to members of the Shire. If you would like access to any of these books, please contact whomever is listed under "Owner". If you want to add a book of your own to this list, you can do so here. If you would like one of your books edited or removed, or have any feedback on this system, contact the webminister at alex AT oakhaven DOT org.

Owner Title Author ISBN Category
Karen OxfordA Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food, Processing and ConsumptionAnn Hagen0-9516209-8-3Food/Cooking
A fairly short book on the growing, conservation, preparation, and consumption of food during the 5-11h centuries in Anglo-Saxon England and the Celtic west of Britain.
Nicolosa d'IsenfirEnglish Dancing MasterPlayfordDance
English Country Dancing manual version 1 (1651). Contains 100+ dances and music.
EveryoneEnglish Dancing MasterPlayfordOnlineDance
Access Playford online for free, anytime.
Shire / NicolosaPennsic Pile#46 (printed & Bound)SeveralNoneMusic
The 46th edition of the Pennsic Pile which can be found here:
Rachel DarkA Voyage Long and StrangeTony Horwitz978-0-8050-7603-5History
Covers exploration of the New World by various groups pre-1607
Rachel DarkThe Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan EnglandIan Mortimer978-0-670-02607-4Daily Life in Period
No description.
Rachel DarkHow to be a TudorRuth Goodman978-0-241-21549-4Daily Life in Period
No description.
Rachel DarkMedieval Costume and How to Recreate ItDorothy Hartley978-0-486-42985-7Clothing
No description.
Rachel DarkThe Tudor TailorNinya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies978-0-89676-255-8Clothing
No description.
Rachel DarkThe Book of the CourtierBaldesar Catiglione978-0-14-044192-5Daily Life in Period
No description.
Rachel DarkThe Globe Restored: A Study of the Elizabethan TheatreC. Walter Hodges9780192129413OTHER
No description.

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