Activities in Isenfir

Isenfir, and the SCA in general, have a variety of activities that the group and individuals participate in. All activities are open to the group and new-comers are welcome. We recommend that you join the mailing list and/or contact IsenfirWelcome AT for more information and confirmation that the activity is being hosted this month. Updates also get posted on the Shire of Isenfir Facebook group.

Members of the shire have many more interests than shown below in the activities list. As there is sufficient interest by the group new activities may be set up either on their own night or as part of another activity. Even if your particular interest is not shown here we encourage you to contact IsenfirWelcome at for suggestions on activities to attend or introductions to members in the shire who share your same interest.


Weekly Tuesday Activities

Every Tuesday we meet at Tabor Presbryterian Church in Crozet, VA from 7:30-9:30pm. Directions and parking.

First & Third Tuesdays - Renaissance Dance

Isenfir's dance evenings of European Renaissance dance. Come learn and enjoy the social and courtly dances of the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. All dances are taught and called. No previous dance experience is necessary. No special shoes or clothing is required. Please email IsenfirWelcome AT for more information.

Renaissance DanceRenaissance DanceRenaissance Dance

Second Tuesday - Populace

The monthly business meeting for the Shire of Isenfir, where we discuss and plan upcoming Shire activities. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring their ideas on the direction for the shire.

Fourth Tuesday - Handcrafters

Handcrafters is the Shire's monthly A&S night. You can bring a project to work on, teach an A&S class, or come watch nerdy movies.

Birka Knots

Fifth Tuesday - Dance and Dessert Revel in Garb

Those few lucky months where there are five Tuesday we host a dance and dessert revel where we encourage everyone to dress in their garb to enjoy the night. Even if you don't want to dance you are encouraged to attend to socialize and take part in the potluck desserts. Garb is not required but is encouraged. If you would like to borrow garb please contact us ahead of time.

Thursday Activities

First & Third Thursdays - Armored Heavy Fighter & Rapier Practice

Armored is a martial art which attempts to recreate medieval European tournament combat. In its use of rattan (wooden) weapons, it is very like the training exercises used for squires in medieval times. Rapier is a style of Rennaissance fencing primarily done with schlaeger rapier blades, daggers, and bucklers. Heavy and rapier practice is held at Landi's Hall in Stuarts Draft. Practice starts at 6:30pm on the first and third Thursday of the month.

Monthly Sunday Activities

On fourth Sundays we meet at Oakhaven farm from 1-5pm for sewing, archery, and socializing. Directions.

Fourth Sunday Archery and Social - Archery Field & Main House

Learn or practice your archery skills that were used through many cultures and timeframes. No experience is necessary - we're happy to teach beginners. Those with experience are also welcome. We have loaner gear available for the use at practices. Contact Garth Groff for more information on archery.
Archery is weather dependent but socializing will take place indoors.
Inside there will be socializing, arts, gaming, and general good time with people of the shire.


Ad hoc activites

We encourage all members of the Shire to share their knowledge and run activities as there is interest. In these cases additional activities may be announced on the official email list and Facebook group.

Last updated September 8, 2018