Crowns and Anchors

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This game is run by an employee of the Inn. There is a board with six spaces, each marked with a crown, a cup, a coin, a stick, a sword, or an anchor. There are three dice, with one of the symbols on each face of each die. Players bet on one or more spaces, the dice are rolled, and if one or more dice match the space(s) bet upon, the player wins.

Crowns and Anchors Board

Players place their bets on the space or spaces of their choice. Any number of bets may be placed. The house may declare a minimum or maximum bet of any amount. Players may place their bets until the house calls "All bets down", at which point all players must step back from the board. The three dice are rolled by the house, and each die is placed on the board on the space corresponding to the symbol rolled. The house then pays an amount equal to the amount of each bet times the number of dice that rolled that marker. For example, if three pence are bet on the crown and two crowns are rolled, an additional six pence will be placed on the original bet. The house pays all winning bets (on top of the original bet) and collects all losing bets, then declares "collect and place your bets", whereupon players may again reach for the table and collect their winnings and place new bets. Players are responsible for remembering which pile is their bet (it is best to choose a spot, like the top left corner, for example, and always place your bets in that spot). If there is a dispute as to ownership of a bet, the house will collect the money in dispute and those in contention may settle the matter with security.

Players MAY NOT reach for the board until the house declares "collect and place your bets". Those doing so will be promptly and forcibly removed by security, and most likely thrashed mob-style for the amusement of the other patrons.