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Owner Title Author ISBN Category
Karen OxfordA Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Food, Processing and ConsumptionAnn Hagen0-9516209-8-3Food/Cooking
A fairly short book on the growing, conservation, preparation, and consumption of food during the 5-11h centuries in Anglo-Saxon England and the Celtic west of Britain.
Nicolosa d'IsenfirEnglish Dancing MasterPlayfordDance
English Country Dancing manual version 1 (1651). Contains 100+ dances and music.
EveryoneEnglish Dancing MasterPlayfordOnlineDance
Access Playford online for free, anytime.
Shire / NicolosaPennsic Pile#46 (printed & Bound)SeveralNoneMusic
The 46th edition of the Pennsic Pile which can be found here:
Rachel DarkA Voyage Long and StrangeTony Horwitz978-0-8050-7603-5History
Covers exploration of the New World by various groups pre-1607
Rachel DarkThe Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan EnglandIan Mortimer978-0-670-02607-4Daily Life in Period
No description.
Rachel DarkHow to be a TudorRuth Goodman978-0-241-21549-4Daily Life in Period
No description.
Rachel DarkMedieval Costume and How to Recreate ItDorothy Hartley978-0-486-42985-7Clothing
No description.
Rachel DarkThe Tudor TailorNinya Mikhaila and Jane Malcolm-Davies978-0-89676-255-8Clothing
No description.
Rachel DarkThe Book of the CourtierBaldesar Catiglione978-0-14-044192-5Daily Life in Period
No description.
Rachel DarkThe Globe Restored: A Study of the Elizabethan TheatreC. Walter Hodges9780192129413OTHER
No description.
David OxfordHenry VJohn Matusiak978-0-415-62027-7History
A biography/ discussion of the style of Henry's kingship in the context of his time.
Karen OxfordMedieval Constructions in Gender and IdentityTeodolinda Barolini13:978-0-86698-337-2Daily Life in Period
A collection of essays by ten authors addressing gender and identity in the medieval period.
Karen OxfordEncyclopedia of the Viking AgeJohn Haywood0-500-01982-7History
An overview of the Viking era.
Karen OxfordPleyn Delia, Medieval Cookery for Modern CooksHieatt, Hosington, and Butler978-0-8020-7632-8Cooking / Food
Redacted recipes in the original and in modern translation.
Karen OxfordArt, Culture, and Cuisine, Ancient and Medieval GastronomyPhyllis Pray Bober0-226-06254-6Cooking / Food
Views cuisine through the dual lense of archaeology and art history. Dinning habits, menus, and recipes.
Karen OxfordAn Early Meal, a Viking Cookbook and Culinary OdysseyDaniel Serra, Hannah Tunberg978-9-1981056-0-5Cooking / Food
Viking cooking with period ingredients.
Karen OxfordCare or Neglect? Evidence of Animal Disease in ArchaeologyLaszlo Bartosiewicz and Erika Gal978-1-78570-889-3Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Disease among domesticated livestock and signs of treatments.
Karen OxfordFarming Transformed in Anglo-Saxon EnglandMark McKerracher978-1-911188-31-5Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Farming revolution and the transformed economy of 7-8th century England.
Karen OxfordTextiles and Textile Production in Europe from Prehistory to AD400Ed. Margarita Glenda and Ulla Mannering978-1-84217-463-0Textiles
No description.
Karen OxfordIconic Costumes, Scandinavian Late Iron Age Costume IconographyUlla Mannering978-1-78570-215-0Clothing
A look at Iron Age costume based on gold foil figures, bracelets, stone carvings, jewelry and tapestries. Over 1,000 images.
Karen OxfordThe PersiansMaria Brosius0-415-32090-9History
Early history of Persia 559 bc and the thousand years following.
Karen OxfordAnimal Husbandry in the Viking Age Town of Birka and its HinterlandBengt Wigh91-7209-227-0Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Viking age animal husbandry at Brika.
Karen OxfordThe Medieval Shepard Jean de Brie's Le Bon Berger (1379)Carleton W. Carroll and Lois Hawley Wilson978-0-88698-472-0Livestock / Animal Husbandry
Translation of one of the earliest know " how to" books on shepherding. Practical info on care and breeding of sheep.

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