Shire of Isenfir

Gemütlich means a situation that induces a cheerful mood and inner peace, with the connotation of belonging and social acceptance, of coziness and unhurry.

April, 1516. The Duchy of Bavaria.

Duke Wilhelm IV has just ended a price war between brewers and bakers over the price of wheat and rye by enacting the Reinheitsgebot. This "Purity Order" states that beer may only be brewed with water, barley, and hops, and it will define German beer production and taxation for the next five hundred years...

The Shire of Isenfir has hosted our guests at Das RoteBerg Gasthaus, our rural inn and tavern on the road between Ingolstadt and Munich. We were preparing for the 500th anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot which as 2016. Each year we had a great day of classes and an evening of sumptuous feasting, dancing, and beer hall camaraderie!