Directions to Mallard Lodge

Garth and Sally
1713 Essex Road, Charlottesville

Take your best route to the 250 bypass.

If coming from the east: go past Macintire Park. About 1/4 mile past the fire station, exit right onto Meadowbrook Heights Road. Go north through three stop signs to Essex. Turn left.

If you are coming from the west: go through the 250/Hydraulic intersection, and exit at Dairy Road. At the end of the offramp turn left. Cross over 250 on the Dairy Road bridge and bear right around the whale tails (there are three now). At the intersection of Meadowbrook Heights and Grove Road, turn left and go north for two more stop signs to Essex.

Ours is the seventh house on the right, a large brick traditional set way back from the street, with two large rocks on the lawn. The second speed hump is right in front of our house. There is lots of street parking, and we can take about four cars parallel parked down the left side of our driveway. Come in through the kitchen door at the end of the driveway.