Isenfir 2017 Dance Challenge

Greetings Fellow Isenfiri,
Isenfir has long been known for the quality and passion of our dancers. Our dancers can go to Kingdom and Known World events such as Pennsic and be confident in knowing a majority of the dances at the ball. I believe we can go beyond that and be truly outstanding dancers by expanding our repetiore into the advanced dances as well as a wider breadth of dances overall.

As such I am issuing an Isenfir Dance Challenge! As a shire, I challenge both the dancers and dance masters to learn all 67 dances in the Isenfir Dance Booklet by the end of 2017. The stretch goal is to learn them all by the Known World Music and Dance Symposium in mid June.

As a dance mistress for the Shire of Isenfir I commit to you:

What I ask of you the dancers:

I will be tracking all of our dances uses a checklist that I shall fill in with dates. You can fill out your own copy as well. Dance Challenge Checklist

I'm looking forward to a great year of dancing and having fun! Because (say it with me) Dance is Fun!

Lady Nicolosa d'Isenfir
(mka Kendra Schmid)